Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Advancement Assets

Assets listed in the ASSET list as available post-CG can be purchased with XP at a cost of 20 XP per point that the asset costs in CharGen. Purchases of assets are handled via +jobs, in which the asset the player wishes to purchase is listed together with a justify for this asset. The following conditions apply:

  • A character must have used all of its tier allotted asset points before making a purchase of additional assets. It is not possible to combine tier allotted asset points with purchased asset points to acquire a more expensive asset.
  • A character can only purchase a total of 2 additional asset points.
  • If the asset being bought is an “upgrade” of an existing asset (for example, Resources to Wealthy), the existing asset must first be traded out for another asset of equal value and then the new asset is paid for in full. It is not possible to only pay 20 XP to go from Resources to Wealthy and it will always count as a purchase of 2 additional asset points.

As seen above, is also at times possible to switch out an asset for another provided that the asset being removed has an effect that can be removed. For example, an asset such as Skilled or Fast Learner cannot be switched out for another. The change also has to be justified, both in terms of the asset being removed and the asset being added. Keep in mind that the asset being switched to has to be an asset noted as being available post-CG.

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