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CharGen Stats

There are nine stats, divided over three statgroups.

Mobility (MOB)

  • Dexterity (DEX): Flexibility, agility and balance.
  • Nimbleness (NIM): Fine motor control, eye-to-hand coordination.
  • Reflexes (REF): Speed with which one can physically react.
Physique (PHY)

  • Constitution (CON): The ability to recover from illness and physical damage.
  • Endurance (END): The ability to keep active and withstand fatigue.
  • Strength (STR): Physical power, the ability to carry weight.
Mental (MEN)

  • Intelligence (INT): The analytical, reasoning capabilities of the mind.
  • Perception (PER): The ability to recognize or observe subtle things.
  • Wit (WIT): Intuition and cleverness.


The scale for stats is 0-100, with 35-44 considered as average. The scale is unisex, but players should avoid gender-related min-maxing such as female characters with high Mental and low Mobility and Physique and male characters with low Mental and high Mobility and Physique. Stats below 25 would represent a serious disadvantage for the character and will only rarely be approved.

All well above average (above 54) or below average (below 35) stats must be covered by the JUSTIFY. When it comes to justifying stats, the same holds true as for inborn assets and flaws: the focus should not be on explaining why a stat is high or low (it is just genetics, after all), it should be on explaining how this very high or very low stat has affected your character.

The stats selected should represent the character’s peak, inborn stats. Do not adjust for being very young or very old, the system takes care of this automatically. Furthermore, do not adjust for injuries or illness that have left permanent damage, there are FLAWS that should be used to represent such reductions.

  • 0-4 = Atrocious
  • 5-14 = Terrible
  • 15-24 = Well Below Average
  • 25-34 = Below Average
  • 35-44 = Average
  • 45-54 = Above Average
  • 55-64 = Well Above Average
  • 65-74 = Remarkable
  • 75-84 = Prodigious
  • 85-94 = Exceptional
  • 95-100 = Phenomenal

The most important things to consider when setting your stats are how well they fit your character concept, how well they relate to each other and how well they relate to your other choices in CharGen, such as your height and weight. Illogical combinations, such as very large person with high dexterity, are grounds for disapproval.

Stat Points

Each tier receives a base amount of points to spend on stats. This base value is multiplied by 3 to produce the points available to spread over the three statgroups:

  • I = 60—> 180
  • II = 55—> 165
  • III = 50—> 150
  • IV = 45—> 135
  • V = 40—> 120

The points can be distributed with the following limitation: no single statgroup can be higher than the base amount +20 and all points must be spent.

For example, a Tier IV character could place 65 points in the Mobility statgroup, 30 in Physique statgroup and 40 in Mental statgroup.

Once the statgroups have been allocated points, the player sets up the stats within each statgroup. The sum allocated to each statgroup is multiplied by 3, producing the total sum the player can spend on the stats within that statgroup.

There are also some ASSETS and FLAWS increase and decrease the pool of points available to a specific statgroup.

In the example above, the player would have 195 points to spread across Dexterity, Nimbleness and Reflexes, 90 points to spread across Constitution, Endurance and Strength and 120 points to spread across Intelligence, Perception and Wit.

The limitation is, once again, that a max of +20 for any stat can be added to the score allocated to the statgroup and that all points must be spent. Points cannot be moved between statgroups but a player can put individual stats as low as they please. However, each tier is limited in how many stats over a certain range that they may have:

  • I = Max 1 over 95
  • II = Max 1 over 90
  • III = Max 1 over 85
  • IV = Max 1 over 80
  • V = Max 1 over 75

Our example player could put Dexterity at 85, Nimbleness at 80 and Reflexes at 50 for the Mobility statgroup, Constitution at 25, Endurance at 40 and Strength at 25 for the Physique statgroup and Intelligence at 30, Perception at 30 and Wit at 60 for the Mental statgroup.

Age Effects

As noted above, the stats are affected by your age, as characters younger or older than the peak age range (21-45) have their effective stats (the percentage of the stats used by various systems) from the Mobility and Physique statgroups reduced by specific percentages:

  • 12 = 75%
  • 13-14 = 80%
  • 15-16 = 85%
  • 17-18 = 90%
  • 19-20 = 95%
  • 21-45 = 100%
  • 46-50 = 95%
  • 51-55 = 90%
  • 56-60 = 85%
  • 61-65 = 80%
  • 66-70 = 75%
  • 71—> = 70%

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