Blood of Dragons

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Roleplay Tinyplots

A tinyplot is a more or less planned series of events, sometimes leading up to a specific ending, sometimes with a more open ending. They go beyond the scope of a single, ‘stand alone’ RP session, although they do not need to be particularly grand in scope. It is, however, the scope of the tinyplot which determines whether Staff involvement is needed or not and to which degree.

Rather than trying to provide a long list of what does or doesn’t require prior approval, players should submit (see +HELP JOBS) a brief outline of their plot to the Staff in order to have it evaluated. For simpler plots, the response may often simply be that the players may go ahead and handle it on their own.

One important requirement that applies to plots of all sizes is that players provide us with the necessary information to properly document the events. This includes providing information for Chronicle entries, submitting Logs and submitting at least a concluding writeup for Tidings.

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