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Concordance The Goodbrothers of Great Wyk, Old Wyk, and Orkmont
  • The main strength of the Goodbrothers is nearly forty longships (II: 280)
  • Goodbrother men are conspicuous, as they wear striped goat hair sashes (II: 280)
  • There appear to be at least three chief branches of the house, on Old Wyk, Great Wyk, and Orkmont (III: 941. IV: 258)
  • The Goodbrothers of Great Wyk have a black-and-gold warhorn on red as their symbol (IV: 18)
  • The Goodbrothers of Great Wyk have their seat at Hammerhorn amidst the Hardstone Hills. It is as much as six leagues inland from the sea (IV: 20-21)
  • The Hammerhorn is a large, bulky castle with spiked iron battlements. Its stones were quarried from the cliff that looms behind it, and the entrances to caves and mines can be seen beneath its walls. It's gate is of iron (IV: 22)
  • There are several branches of the Goodbrothers throughout Great Wyk. Among them are those who hold the towers of Downdelving, Crow Spike Keep, and Corpse Lake (IV: 26)
  • The Goodbrothers of Orkmont (IV: 258)
  • The Goodbrothers of Old Wyk have a castle near the shore called Shatterstone, across the island from Nagga's Ribs (IV: 260, 702)