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This section of the site is devoted to listing the prophecies (the term being used rather 'loosely' here, including anything from ancient prophecies of the 'Delphi oracle' type to various kinds of visions and dreams which may deal with the past, the present or the future) which occur in the books as well as analysing them and putting forward ideas as to their potential meaning. We also note if a prophecy looks like it has been fullfilled, partially or completely.

The prophecies are organized by which character it is that experiences them or, in the case of prophecies retold by one or more characters, under a separate 'Other' heading. If they have come true already a book (or even page) reference is given for this as appropriate. Due to the nature of this kind of content, this section does contain spoilers for all books in all sections, i.e there might be spoilers for A Storm of Swords in the A Game of Thrones section.

Important Notes

  • This FAQ may contain spoilers for all published books and stories.
  • We provide a list of editions used for references and some tips for how to find those page numbers in other editions.
  • Unless it is otherwise noted, the prophecies are quoted straight from one of the books. Long passages have been summarized instead of quoted, and we note that they're summaries rather than quotes.
  • Some possible prophecies -- for example dreams that might be prophetic, but seems more like nightmares or just regular dreams to us -- have been excluded. If you think something beyond what we have here should be included, do drop us an email (including a page reference) and explain why. And, of course, we may have missed an actual prophecy as well, so do let us know if you find anything we've overlooked.