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CharGen Justify

The purpose of the justify is to make it clear what effect the choices you have made in CharGen have on your character. You should keep in mind that this information needs to make it clear how the CharGen choices affect the character concept. The Justify is not only used by the Admin for the purpose of reviewing your application, but it also need to be a useful resources for any potential future players if the character. This means that you will need to explain things that may seem like they would be obvious to yourself and/or the Admin.

The maximum length available is 8000 characters, though this is by no means how long it has to be. It should be no longer than it needs to be. It is, however, very important that it is proof-read, spell-checked and formatted in such a way that it is easy to read. For example, it is strongly recommended that %R (this creates a linebreak) is used to break a justify into paragraphs. It is also a good idea to use %T (this creates a tab) to indent each paragraph. The best format for a justify is some form of listing where each element of the justify is clearly separated out from the next.

Assets & Flaws

All ASSETS and FLAWS must be covered by the justify. Precisely how to justify an asset or a flaw depends on what type of asset or flaw it is. If it is something inborn, you need to note what part it has played and plays in your character’s life. If it is something based on events in your character’s life, you need give information about these events.

The key part to a proper justify of Assets and Flaws is to explain how something has been an advantage or a disadvantage for your character.


All well above average (above 54) or below average (below 35) STATS must be covered by the justify. When it comes to justifying stats, the same holds true as for inborn assets and flaws: the focus should not be on explaining why a stat is high or low (it is just genetics, after all), it should be on explaining how this very high or very low stat has affected your character.


All SKILLS above 45 need to covered in the Justify. You also need to justify skills that are that are either unusual for your concept (such as combat skills for a woman) or unexpectedly high or low for your concept (such as high Blacksmithing for a noble or low Etiquette for a noble). Justifying skills involves explaining why you have or haven’t got a certain skill, or why it is lower or higher than one would expect for the character concept.

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