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House Lefford of the Golden Tooth

A golden inverted pile on sky blue, a yellow sun in the first

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Lefford from the books.

Family Tree

  • Lyonel Lefford (b. 127), Lord of the Golden Tooth,
    • his wife, Lady Sherei of House Marbrand (b. 130),
    • their children:
      • Elyne (b. 150), companion to Princess Rhaena Targaryen, betrothed to Ser Otho Royce (b. 150), officer of the City Watch of King's Landing and commander of the River Gate (see Targaryen),
      • Edwell (b. 154), heir to the Golden Tooth, betrothed to Damylla Crakehall (b. 153), squire to Ser Jorian Crakehall (b. 141), captain of the galley Glory's Axe, an officer of the Sea Watch (see Targaryen),
      • Jaron (b. 156),
    • his siblings:
      • Lady Jeane (b. 120), m. Lord Loreon Lannister (b. 112),
      • Lady Jaimera (b. 124), m. Lord Lyle Lydden (b. 120),
      • {Martin} (b. 127), died young (d. 133),
      • {Ser Ondram} (b. 129), killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Lymaria Coldwater (b. 130),
        • Ondram's daughter, Delena (b. 148),
        • Ondram's son, Orcan (b. 152), squire to Ser Merys Lydden,
      • {Cersei} (b. 132, d. 134),
      • {Ser Joshua} (b. 134), a valiant knight and friend, killed in Dorne (d. 158),
      • Orene (b. 137), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Naerys Targaryen, m. Ser Bryon Waynwood (b. 136), Keeper of the King's Mews,
      • {Raymun} (b. 140), a squire killed in Dorne (d. 157),
      • Arwen (b. 142), a famous beauty, m. Ser Symeon Westerling (b. 139), a famous knight, heir to the Crag,
    • his aunts, uncle, and cousins:
      • Elona (b. 100), m. {Ser Steffon Tully} (b.94), for a time Lord Protector of Riverrun (d. 156),
      • {Ser Eldon} (b. 104, d. 151), m. {Oriya Bar Emmon} (b. 104, d. 153),
        • {Two miscarriages and a stillborn daughter},
        • Eldon's daughter, Edmarei (b. 127), m. Ser Balos Brax (b. 123),
          • Edmarei's son, Ser Andard Brax (b. 145),
          • Edmarei's daughter, Balla Brax (b. 149),
        • Eldon's son, Ser Rupert (b. 130),
          • Rupert's bastard son, Pol Hill (b. 147), a novice at the Citadel,
        • Eldon's son, Romond (b. 133), a ranger on the Wall,
        • Eldon's son, Cleos (b. 137), a disappointment to his family, customs sergeant in King's Landing,
        • Eldon's daughter, Robella (b. 140),
        • {A miscarried child},
      • Lady Domella (b. 110), m. Lord Mychel Piper (b. 93),