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Concordance The Boltons of the Dreadfort
  • It is said that the Boltons hang the skins of their enemies in the Dreadfort (I: 480)
  • The lands of the Hornwoods and the Boltons are next to each other (II: 186)
  • The Boltons have a saying: "A naked man has few secrets, but a flayed man has none" (II: 530)
  • In ages past, certain lords of the Dreadfort had gone so far as to cloak themselves in the skins of their enemies (II: 530)
  • A number of Starks had been slain, flayed, and worn as cloaks in the past before the Boltons had bent the knee (II: 530)
  • The Boltons bent the knee to Winterfell a thousand years ago (II: 530)
  • Even with a force of men following their lord in the south, the Bolton garrison at the Dreadfort numbers 600 men (II: 679)
  • Some say the Night's King was a Bolton (III: 630)